Are You an Encore Woman?

Can you imagine yourself creating a great business, working the schedule you choose, making all the rules, being the star?

woman with money

It hasn’t been so very long ago that women business owners were a rarity. Happily, that isn’t true anymore. Lots of women are running successful companies and living their dream lifestyles too.

You can do it! There are very logical one-at-a-time steps you can take to become an entrepreneur. I will help you learn them.

Encore women are people who are looking to take charge of their careers and to start living the lifestyle of their dreams.

Some of them have spent their years working for a corporation; others have devoted the majority of their time to their families. There are women who are newly single and looking for a fulfilling life and empty nesters who have time to devote to starting businesses of their own. Boomers are often Encore Women; they are looking for new challenges in their lives.

Encore women are a variety of interesting women who have decided to invigorate their lives by taking charge. Often they are taking a passion of theirs to a new level and sharing their messages with the world. Some are just exploring what niche they might choose.

Who is an Encore Woman?

New online business ownerShe is a woman who wants more. She is done with working for someone else. She has decided to take control and create her new lifestyle.

The Encore Woman has put the negative aspects of her past behind her. No more feeling undervalued. No more working hard to provide the boss with the means to bask in his success without sharing the rewards.

The Encore Woman has accomplished a great deal in her employment years, has learned a lot about her field and what works. But the curtain has gone down on that performance.

Time for an encore!

In the new production, the Encore Woman is the star!

Happy Encore WomenIt’s her business.

She’s the boss!
She decides how the business will be run.

She delegates tasks
She decides where she will work.
She sets her own schedule.

She loves her life!

Want to join her?

Hop aboard!

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  1. I’d love to be an encore woman. Sounds so empowering. Love that this post was on my wedding anniversary too 🙂

  2. By your definition I’m an Encore Woman. Feels goodl

  3. Love Your Blog!!

  4. I’ve been working as a freelancer for at least ten years. So do I fit? Sometimes I feel like I have ten bosses instead of one, but some of those “bosses” (my most treasured clients) are truly wonderful people for whom I feel honored to work.

    • Yes, you fit, Leora. One thing that I’ve found is that if my clients act like bosses in really unproductive ways, I’ve let a couple go. If they want to call all the shots in ways that don’t work and they don’t want to take advice and quibble about the price, they really aren’t ideal clients anyway. Suggesting that there might be someone they’d be happier working with made me happier and probably them too.

  5. Hi Beth! Thanks again for stopping by my blog. I love your web-site & am very inspired by the ‘Encore’ woman, all those traits are ones I inspire to have, too 🙂 Cheers!! xo, Mary

  6. People, especially women, have a knack for reinventing themselves. I suspect part of it is necessity, since technology has changed the way we work. Being independent and self-employed is much more attainable (not easier!) than it was for our parents. And it’s so much more satisfying to be your own boss! Great post.

    • Hi Krystyna! It is so true that we are good at redesigning ourselves. I love being an entrepreneur! Thanks for reading and sharing your view.

  7. Beth! When I read your title just now, I actually shouted “Yes!” Loved this post, it says all the things that are in my heart. It resonates with everything I’m saying right now – the past is gone and there’s no point in trying to fix it, move forward, keep your eye on the prize and start living life on your own terms rather than pinballing from one reaction to external circumstances to another. Thank you for this excellent post, it made my morning!

  8. I love the word “Encore”! I like to think I am an Encore woman – one thing I have to work on – delegate more! Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Hi Beth. An encore women is definitely someone I aspire to be! I’m still in the period of establishing my career path and taking direction from professionals, but I look forward to creating my own business opportunities down the road.

  10. Love your blog Beth!

  11. Hey Beth,
    I am mighty glad of the fact that you are working toward helping women to start and grow their business. we need people like you in every society.
    Keep up the good work.
    By the way, I am unable to share this post as i cannot locate any social sharing buttons. you can place social sharing buttons at the end of the posts so that we can share these valuable ideas.

    • I appreciate your saying that I am providing a valuable service, Tuhin. My website is in the process of being redesigned and sharing buttons should reappear in a couple of days.

  12. What a different world we live in compared to my growing up years. My mom didn’t even have a drivers license and that wasn’t unusual then. Women have SO much to offer. I agree with Tuhin about the valuable service YOU are offering.

  13. Right on, Beth! I’m definitely an Encore Woman! I’vebeen my own boss now for over 20 years and love it! So many challenges and opportunities! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  14. Great! I’m definitely an Encore Woman also. And, my mother was too. She was a great role model for a girl to have. I have been working my own boss for 20 years also. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  15. I was one of the bosses. 25 years in the crash and burn lane of full time lawyering was enough. My husband wisely prevailed upon me to give up those hours, responsibility and stress. My encore is to become a recovering lawyer and look to build fulfilling work in areas that involve my passions. I liked being a lawyer and at times, I was even passionate about it, but now I’m trying to figure out my next act. I know I’m very lucky that it doesn’t have to be as remunerative as my former job. I’m the one who has to give myself permission not to contribute very much to the family fisc.

  16. Hooray ! This post is very inspiring. I work with lots of self-employed women in my own sel-employees business and we are strong, independent, loving, and powerful women who love what we do. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Yes, I am an encore woman! I enjoy being around other women who are on the same path and also supporting those have the desire. We have alot in common Beth. Great article.

    • Welcome to my blog, Teresa. I’m loving it that you see yourself as an encore woman! Isn’t it great? I too love being around other women entrepreneurs and supporting each other.

  18. You are such an inspiration, Beth! You always spur me on to be more.

  19. I think this describes most women! LOL Most important I believe is women coming together to support one another. So much more can be accomplished when you are surrounded with like minded women!

  20. Women are awesome with talent, interests, passion and choosing to utilize these traits to create a business is inspiring. Joining together in a group is also empowering.I read all the comments above & would love to see these women in the Virtual Brainstorm group. Beth, perhaps you want to send them a personal private message & invite them- reference their blog comment. That could be a great way to continue to grow the group.

    • Great idea, Roz. I certainly can contact those women. A group of supportive women is very empowering, as you said, and I appreciate everyone that is active in our group.

  21. I still work full time (I need the $ & insurance benefits), but am trying to become a full-time Encore Woman. In any off-time I have available, I’m diligently working to expand my writing career. I think one thing that keeps so many women from actively pursuing their dreams isn’t just some “imaginary” fear – its reality. Since the vast majority of start-up companies fail, the truth is that it would be easy to destroy one’s life savings by following a pipe-dream. As a virtual community of entrepreneurs, we are absolutely correct to coach each other about pitfalls (fiscal, emotional, time-management, etc.) as well as giving praise and encouragement. I think that’s what I like about the Virtual Brainstorm group – everyone seems very professional & yet pragmatic. I can see us easily morphing into a group where very specific business ideas are shared, and the responses could easily be “Whoa, sister, you might re-think that,” or “Go sister!”

    • Joan, Yes, it is taking a chance to pursue dreams. As I look back on the time when I started my flight school as a single mom, the kids’ father dead, and only my own confidence to sustain me, I must have been crazy! I was a lot younger and determined and it worked. I do love about our group that we can be supportive but honest. I like your morphing idea.

  22. Love your description of an Encore Woman, Beth. I truly believe women are finally coming into their own when it comes to owning who they are and the work they want to do in the world. It can be scary I imagine, for those who have been either out of the workforce or those who have been tied to the corporate world for many years. There are many ways to create income these days and women have as many opportunities in many of them, as do men. Thanks for sharing your vision of the possibilities for entrepreneurship for women.

    • Thanks, Beverley. Yes, things are easier for women to take their careers into their own hands. Being able to work online is a big plus. Of course it can be scary to move from where they are now to a completely differnet venture but it can, of course, be done.

  23. Encore is a beautiful word to describe the next phase in a woman’s life. Many think their life is only about their career, rather than seeing how versatile they are and with so many different things to offer.

  24. Hello Beth.

    How are you?

    Happy to have found your blog. My wife and I started our blogging venture, just a couple of weeks ago. We are a married couple from Mumbai, India and we are very keen on growing a successful blog and one day – hopefully, get to the stage where we can make some money from it, to keep the fires at home burning.

    We liked this line of yours…
    “Can you imagine yourself creating a great business, working the schedule you choose, making all the rules, being the star??

    This is just the very reason why we created this blog of ours. But frankly, we have no idea whether or not we will succeed or not. Perhaps we need to think of ourselves as people who want to learn swimming – unless you do not jump in the water – you cannot learn to swim.

    And there is a lot of similarity between learning to swim and blogging – or so we feel. When you want to learn to swim, you need to take help. In the same way, when one wants to know how to succeed with building a great blog, one needs to take help – else it is not possible to build a highly successful blog.

    And at your blog, you have some great tips on succeeding with our blog. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    Vee N Ric

  25. Kind of an aside.. but Beth, I think what you have done over the last year has been amazing. I remember our PM’s on FB and us trying to make things work. I think you pulling out your target market, what you constantly preach, has been awesome and I’ve seen the growth over the last few months. I hope it is working for you! (as it appears to be)

    • Thank you, Kristen! It does seem to be coming along! Thanks for following me and always being available for a little chat or support. I appreciate you, my friend.

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