Work with Beth

Work with Beth and learn how to start your own business.

There are several options. You can see which one best fits your needs:

VIP Day: Designed For You



If you want to start an online

business but haven’t decided

what niche you should select,


It is important to choose your niche before you do anything else. You will be working on this subject every day and need to select one that you know a lot about and want to share with others. And of course you want it to be a profitable niche. You will find out how to access all the possibilities that could be right for you and then choose the best one.

This is a short course and will be tailored to you! I can provide the simple tools and let you work on the projects yourself or we can work on it together.

Begin with a complimentary phone call with me and we can discuss your niche ideas and whether this course is for you. No obligation, of course.


Get Your Business Going



If you want to learn all the steps

to starting your business and making

it profitable.


If you would like to give your business a solid foundation that will allow you to make a reliable income, you need to follow a tested plan. A plan that lets you know what is vital to your success and what you can omit. There is a logical sequence of steps to put into place so that you can have your business running smoothly.

You will learn what you need to accomplish each week and month. You will learn the skills and strategies that allow you to not only earn a consistent income but even to generate extra cash quickly to fund your travel, hobbies and charities.

This program not only tells you what to do but allows you to make money as you progress because you will be putting the techniques to use and seeing how your business gives you money while you are learning.

I am limiting this class to 18 people so that I can provide you with all the one-on-one attention that you require.

If you are interested in finding out if this program is for you, you can schedule your complimentary strategy call with me today.



VIP Day: Designed For You



Learn the exact, clear steps that will

take your business to the next level.

You will get strategies tailored to your

own unique business


Would you like to solve a problem with your business in one day?

VIP Days are custom designed sessions during which you and Beth work together to supercharge your marketing. You get personal attention laser focused on your own business.

It is a sad fact that entrepreneurs fail most often because they are overwhelmed trying to succeed. Alone.

You don’t have to do it alone.

You can choose VIP Days on topics such as:

  • What Business Shall I Create?
  • Marketing to my Ideal Clients or Customers
  • How to Sell
  • Social Media

This is for you if you want to achieve your goal quickly. You can skip all the research and trial and error involved in figuring it out by yourself.



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