It Was a Challenge!

woman winning a challengeHave you ever participated in an online challenge?

They are a quick way to learn some new skills or strategies.

When I say quick, I mean over a period of a few days to a month. They do require that you spend some time on each day.

The reason I decided to create and run a challenge was that I wanted to help people learn some strategies to attract their ideal clients.

The selfish motive was to show them that I am knowledgable about client attraction so that they would want to learn more and would join my 6 month program, “Time To Shine.”

I didn’t focus on selling the program, although I did mention a couple of times that there would be many more strategies in Time To Shine.

Are you unclear on how a challenge works?

A challenge runs for a set number of days and people participating in it get an email each day. The email tells a bit about that day’s activities and generally contains a link to a dedicated website page which provides a video, an audio or text which gives directions.

teacherIn my case, I ran the challenge for five days. Each day the person got an email from me giving the link to the dedicated page as well as links to the previous pages on days 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The dedicated website page welcomed them and contained a short audio which told about the strategies for that day. It also included a link to a worksheet pdf which contained exercises to complete as the person listened to the audio. Last, it listed ways to earn points because people could choose to compete for a scholarship to my 6 month group experience program.

They would post “proof” that they completed the exercises that gave them points.

My facebook group, Virtual Brainstorming for +40 Women Entrepreneurs provided a place for people to post their “proof” and also to comment on other people’s posts and ask for support. Proof could be either a screenshot or tagging me in posts.

I’m writing this on the Friday that is the last day of the challenge. It won’t really be over though until Monday because I am letting the competitors have until then to post their “proof” and possibly win the scholarship.

It has been interesting interacting with the people who chose to post their “proof.” I have commented on or liked each post and either complimented them or made suggestions of how they might improve their results.

happy womenIt was well worth the effort because I got a lot of feedback, telling me how much the participants learned either on one or more particular assignments or the entire challenge experience.

I will definitely create challenges like this in the future. I like to help people and they are a good way to expand my community because participants encourage their friends to join.

The other big plus is the engagement that happens in the Facebook group where people make comments, ask questions and support each other. The participants feel very connected to each other and make positive remarks on each others’ contributions.

Have you participated in a challenge like this? Did it live up to the results it promised?


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  1. I did participate in your online challenge and others on various business topics. However, I was not sharing, not because I didn’t want to but, because you gave me so much to think about, that my head was spinning. That was a good thing though. I will be going back and revisiting my notes and your handouts on the challenge to make it clearer on what I want in my business and what clients I want to attract.. I love enjoying a good challenge and yours was definitely one of them. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom.

    • Hi Sabrina. Writing this blog post was worth it just to get your feedback! I’m glad to know that you found my challenge worthwhile and that you will use it. I know, it was a lot to get done in just 5 days.

  2. I participated in a 31 days to a better blog challenge with Darren Rowse which I thought was very informative and I’ve used quite a bit of the information.
    Even though I received your emails about the challenge I was unable – for a variety of very good reasons – to participate. But don’t strike me off yet. I will be interested in future challenges.
    All the best Beth, your information is always right on.

    • I’m glad that you will be interested in future challenges, Lenie. I appreciate that you like my information. We all have to pick and choose what we participate in. Somsetimes, I don’t post a link here because I’m pushed for time and wouldn’t want to not comment on all the other posts.

  3. I have participated in only a couple of online challenges. I found I didn’t go through every day. Timing may have been part of the issue for me. I would likely participate again but would be very selective.

  4. Beth your challenge is awesome. I signed up for it and after completing 1 and 2, I realized I wouldn’t have time to complete it. But I archived your lessons to get back to when I have more time. I HOPE. That’s one of my main problems is overcommitting, and then that derails with my intentions.

    What I loved about your challenge and the one and only other challenge I participated in for maintaining weight loss is that I learned new lessons, I met other people and could relate to their comments. The points for me aren’t a big motivator although I like the idea of competing for a prize with them.

    Thanks for all you are doing in your FB community.

    • Patricia, I’m glad you have done part of my challenge and that you are saving them for later. I certainly agree about overcommitting; it is so easy to do. The whole point of a challenge, as far as I am concerned, is learning. It’s also nice to network with other people who comment. I love my FB group and am glad that you like it too.

  5. I’ve participated in several challenges, in fact I’m currently participating in Copyblogger’s 30 Day Cornerstone Content challenge and I am learning SO much. I admit 30 days is a long time to lock into something every day when you have so many other things going on but I look at it as an investment.

    I also sponsored a challenge last fall and set up a special Facebook group for participants. Another a great experience, though I don’t think I’ll be doing the FB group thing again. I had nearly 100 participants, but very few participated in the FB group, in fact for some reason they preferred emailing me. Anyway, I might do it again sometime, but right now I’m focused on my courses. Thanks for sharing, and so glad your challenge was such a success Beth!

    • It’s interesting to hear about your challenge experience, Marquita. I’m glad you’re taking an interesting one now. I’ve learned that a good way to get people to interact on the group is to set rules, one being to make comments where you want them to.

  6. No, I have never participated in such a challenge but would not say no! We all need to be spurned on at different stages in our lives. We can become weary, stagnant and confused with where next to take our businesses.

    You are a great encourager.

    • Phoenicia, I like that you think I’m an encourager. I do like to encourage people and it’s true that there are timese when we need encouragement and ideas for perking us up!

  7. Have never participated in an online challenge but taken online courses at Harvard and MIT that I feel have benefitted me enourmously. Even learnt law from Harvard which was a challenge not least because it’s so boring. But I succeeded.

    • I have taken a bunch of college courses online too. The worst one was a course in contemporary poetry. That’s not the type of thing that works online because often it is not at all apparent what the author was getting at. Much better in a classroom where the professor gives clues of what to think. Thanks for the chuckle, Catarina.

  8. Congrats on your challenge. That really is a good idea. I have something somewhat similar. which is my 7-day body & soul transformation. When people sign-up, they get an email every day for 7 days with a video and a PDF handout.

    I think giving out a scholarship is a great idea. You are able to give back to your followers while creating more awareness of your program.

  9. Beth — I didn’t know about your challenge — I missed that. I admire you for putting so much work into it, but it obviously was a big success. I’ll try to participate (depending on the topic) if you do another one. I’m an encore woman myself. And a good friend included me in her book “FIFTY OVER FIFTY: Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!) about encore women, FYI.

    • Jeannette, The challenge was fun and I’ll do another one sometime. The book sounds interesting. I’ll check it out on Amazon. Thanks for the link.

  10. I love the idea of online challenges and one that’s a good fit could indeed be a great motivator. I did participate in an A-Z Blogging challenge early on in my blog. I was new to blogging and it helped me get the hang of it a bit faster, but looking back, I would never go to such lengths ever again. It wore me out and the payoff was minimal.

    • Hi Jeri. It is important that the challenge be a good fit for the participant. I had some sign up that didn’t complete, mainly because of time, but the ones that did told me how valuable it was for them and that felt great.

  11. I haven’t participated in a challenge like this and quite honestly, knew nothing about them. It is a pretty interesting idea and I can see how it would be a great way for coach and customer to try each other out.

  12. I participated in your recent online business challenge. It was great to have some of the daily business tasks outlined for me and to keep me on track. I looked forward to getting them down first and that set positive energy throughout the rest of the day. I also took away some nuggets of your amazing insight and gained clarity in my message. I am pleased to say I am one of the winners of the challenge! Thank you Beth, you are amazing!

    • I was delighted that you were one of the winners, Teresa. I appreciated the amount of work you put into my challenge and am glad to hear that you felt so positive about the tasks. You are welcome!

  13. I also participated in your online challenge and really enjoyed your structure for the 5-days and reading the “proof” of other participants as well. I haven’t participated in any other official online challenges, although I have joined a group that had a quasi 14-day challenge, which didn’t require very specific actions. It was more prompts than anything. They did invite me to be an expert on their upcoming #MoreThanWords writing telesummit though which will be a lot of fun to be part of. Thanks for your very organized and inspiring challenge, Beth. Based on my experience, I will participate again.

    • Beverley, I’m gald that you enjoyed my challenge. It’s definitely fun to see what other participants contribute and report. I’m glad that my challenge leads you to wanting to join one again. I put on a telesummit last year and they are fun too.

  14. I did participate in a weight-loss challenge but didn’t do a lot of the online parts — except announce that I was doing it and invited others to join me. And yes, it did meet my expectations, mostly because of the public accountability piece. The challenge as you outline sounds like so much work, I am exhausted just reading about it! Glad you and others got a lot out of it, Beth. Congrats!

    • Jackie, It is quite a bit of work putting a challenge together but I enjoyed it. Next time, I’ll put the days togther sooner than the day before they appear!

  15. This was my first online challenge & I agreed to participate because it was just 5 days. I knew I could handle it. I liked the structure and got value. What I always enjoy is the interaction from other members, their comments & seeing what they are applying. Will do another.

    • I’m glad you participated in my challenge, Roz. And glad that you liked the way it was set up and found it valuable. The interaction of members really makes a lot of difference.

  16. Beth, I appreciate very much how you explained what it entails in creating a challenge. It’s a lot of commitment and hard work. I can tell by the responses how much everyone enjoyed it. We all need to challenge ourselves from time to time. I’ll be looking out for your next challenge.

    • Joyce, It’s true that challenges are good for us and I’m glad you will be looking for my next one. I was so happy that people enjoyed my challenge.

  17. Hi Beth, I did participate in your challenge and love the interaction as well. I myself have a 7 Day Vegan Fitness Challenge that I run from time to time & it is so much fun to feel the energy of the group & help others at the same time. Challenges really bring social media to life

  18. I have participated in a challenge… drinking water challenge, to support a friend who is/was a Beach Body girl. Quite honestly water isn’t a problem for me as I clearly get it in.. and the proof was in pictures that we had to post and a winner was one who posted the most… quite exhausting… as you prob know, I spend enough time online already! lol But, I DO see the value and people need the means to be checked up on and challenged.

    • Kristen, I love the drinking water challenge story. You didn’t say if you won, only that it was exhausting. I’m glad you see the value in challenges.

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