How to Have a Great Lifestyle and a Thriving Business

woman wondering about group programsBeing an online business owner can be very lonely.

It doesn’t have to be though.

Usually entrepreneurs have to learn by trial and error, but there is a better way!

Investing in a group program that is exactly right for you and your business will be well worth the cost.

It’s a great time saver!

Think about it: How much time have you wasted on implementing ideas that didn’t work out? Or posting on lots of social media platforms that weren’t places where your ideal clients like to hang out?

Woman working too hardOften new entrepreneuers charge ahead without:

  • Having a plan for creating not only a thriving business but a lifestyle they really want.
  • Being clear on their brand so that it speaks to the exact people they want to work with.
  • Choosing the best ways to spend their time so that it is enjoyable and productive.

Being busy doesn’t mean that you are productive. Knowing just what tasks are important for growing your unique business lets you spend less time, accomplishing more.

I have enjoyed being part of several group programs. They vary a lot. Most are led by people who insist that you take the identical steps that everyone else does. I learned some good things from those but I also learned that what works for Sally may not work for Jean. We are all different and so are our businesses.

I believe that we should use the strategies that we enjoy using and are effective for our individual niches.

A group program gives you the opportunity to learn from not only the leader but also the experiences of other group members.

One of my favorite features is a small secret Facebook group which is made up of people who have joined the program. Because they are invested in the experience, they tend to be very engaged in the FB group too, sharing their goals and wins and supporting each other.

I know that too many business leaders work too many hours. I feel very strongly that we should choose lifestyles that are ideal for us and then decide how many days and hours we want to devote to working.

Woman enjoying her life


This is a better sequence than just working as many hours as possible and then being too tired or out of time to enjoy our family, friends and favorite activities.

Imagine how much more you would love your work if it didn’t interfere with all the other things you love!

The first month of my 6 month group experience for +40 women entrepreneurs is devoted to figuring out each participant’s ideal work/life balance and deciding how to implement it.

I personally know that I work more productively when I work a limited number of hours on weekdays, take weekends off and enjoy vacations. Doesn’t that sound good? You can do it too but you need a plan that is right for you.

Would you be interested in transforming your work life so that you can fully enjoy your personal life? Would you like to wake up every morning, happy with the changes you made?





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  1. I have determined my goal this year to be more out there and take more risks. All people can say is no, right? So, I began a process of doing tasks more effectively. So far so good. I am getting more done in less time. And, groups are really inspiring me to get focused and move forward. Your Facebook group imparticular has helped a lot. All the ladies are wonderful and supportive as well. Thank you! I look forward to an inspiring year!

  2. Having a great life style and a thriving business use to always be an impossibility Beth, so Thank YOU for offering us all a way to have BOTH dreams come true!
    Thanks again,

  3. I just love your approach, Beth. Especially: “we should use the strategies that we enjoy using and are effective for our individual niches.”
    So true! While we can all learn from other business folks, it all comes down to what works for each of us, personally.
    And your FB group helps me feel so connected too!
    Thank you for all that you do.

    • Susan Mary, I’m glad you like my approach. Yes, we are each different from others and we need individual plans. I’m glad that you are enjoying our FB group. It’s a nice way of networking.

  4. Despite working very hard to set up a business, you might find yourself literally going in circles. When you recognize yourself back where you started, it’s definitely time to make a good investment in yourself and move your business forward.

  5. Over the years I’ve determined that groups & my coach work best for me. Within each group I belong to, I develop great relationships & learned some time ago that I can’t apply everything that everyone is doing to my business. That is where my coach help best- strategy.

    • I’m so glad that you have you have the right compbination of groups and coach, Roz. Of course you wouldn’t want to apply everything that everyone is doing.

  6. As a new business owner I just wish someone told me the importance of budgeting for business support. As an Independent Dental Hygiene Office I get many hygienist that think private practice might be for them, I will now be suggesting putting business support into their yearly budget.

    • Welcome to my blog, Kim. When you start a new practice, it is really helpful to get helpful suggestions from someone like you so that the newbies can benefit from your experience.

  7. What really resonates for me is “I believe that we should use the strategies that we enjoy using and are effective for our individual niches.” So very true. There is so much information online and so many “experts”, that the key is to take what resonates and works for us and fly with that. I love the people I have met in online groups and find them very supportive and long distance friendships have developed as well. Your approach offers clarity to us all and your program will definitely be a great benefit for those who are ready to take their business to the next level for them. Thanks for all you contribute, Beth!

    • Hi Beverley! I’m glad that you like the idea of using strategies that are best and most enjoyable for our particular niches. I love our group too and really enjoy the interaction and the support that people give so willingly.

  8. You’re so right about busy does not equal effective! There always seems to be so much to do
    Regardless, I’m taking a little vacation this weekend!

  9. Beth, I especially liked your comment from your group experiences about the identical steps being taught. It can be very self-defeating if you try to reproduce these steps when it doesn’t match your personality, your working style or it’s not what your business needs at the time. Better to have flexibility and a range of options.

    • Joyce, It is true that so many programs preach identical steps for all. We are all so different; we need strategies that resonate with our unique businesses.

  10. I really think group programs could be fantastic and help me achieve my goals. I am right in the middle of my schooling right now so I can’t take on another thing, but keeping a list of different programs that I would like to evaluate closer when I am done and ready to move my business forward on a grander scale. I realize I was trying to do too much, but just a little time, maybe six months, and I can get moving again. Yours is on my list.

    • Hi Karen, It sounds like you have it pretty well figured out, how you want to grow. It doesn’t work to try to do too much; it just wears you out. My program helps people to work smarter, not harder.

  11. I love this! I do work long hours but it’s, in large part, because I’m a very late bloomer and, now that I’m “in the game” I want to see how fast and high I can fly! That said, I know my way isn’t for everyone and I know myself well enough to know when it’s time for me to take a breather!

    • Welcome to my blog, Kelley. I’m glad that you know when to take a breather. That’s so important. I hope you realize that you can accomplish as much in fewer hours when you aren’t too tired as in lots of “working too hard” periods.

  12. Group programs are a great way to connect to with others. I agree, having an online business is very lonely! I’ve recently started taking on local clients because, 1. the income and 2. I desire the in person contact. Balance and learning what works for your business are crucial and can definitely be difficult to figure out. Trial and error and be very frustrating. I think it’s also important to note, too many groups are just as bad as not belonging to any groups. I’ve recently found myself in a position of belonging to too many groups and having too many courses I’ve signed up for that have yet to be completed!

    • Lisa, I do think it is important to network, either online, offline or both. I enjoy both. I know it is hard to decide what courses to sign up for. I designed my course so that it is right for some and not for others. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, with an individual plan for each person.

  13. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely existence, especially when you don’t have a significant other (well, other than cats!) around. My goal is to force myself out and meet and greet with real, live, flesh-and-blood people. In front of me. It’s hard for me to motivate myself to do this, however. It’s so much easier to shut down the computer and curl up with a good book!

    • Jackie, I know what you mean. A good book is so easy and so inviting. It is good to be around other people though – in person especially. I always enjoy networking even though I sometimes need to nudge myself a few times first.

  14. Great approach here Beth.This line resonated with me, as it did with others: “I believe that we should use the strategies that we enjoy using and are effective for our individual niches.” There is no one-size-fits-all road map to success. Having strategies / a plan in place helps us avoid that “busyness” that is so prevalent today. I’m learning that it’s really nice to work a certain amount of time and then unplug from business

    • Thanks, Deb. I’m glad that you realize that it’s good to unplug after doing your work. Long hours of work don’t make for a happy fulfilled person. It’s true that there’s no one path that works for everyone.

  15. When I first read your title I was thinking of something else and I get your point, it was great and perfect. I do love this group that you have created Beth and hope it has been beneficial for you, as it has been for me. So, my first thought was… when you have a biz and work from home, it’s lonely in that you don’t have that physical contact with people in that you don’t leave the house to go “to work” and have those coworkers to chill with. I do go to networking but it’s just a different group of people, not ‘girlfriend’ /bff type, if that makes sense. anyways.. good stuff

    • Hi Kristen. I think that a FB group that is engaged does help to ease the loneliness that so many people who work at home experience. It’s good to avoid all the annoyances that working in physical contact with other people brings but it’s important to not become a hermit. You’re right, often the people you meet at networking events don’t become your best friends but I have made some good friends through them.

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