Encore Women? Who Are They?


People ask me why I chose Encore Women for the name of my business.

Isn’t an encore an afterthought?

No! As a musician I know that the encore tends to be the prettiest piece of music.

The flashiest too. People tend to love encores and applaud enthusiastically.

When you create your encore business, you want to do it so that you can offer something special to the world. Something you feel passionate about.

Most likely you spent the bulk of your career working for somebody else. Someone who called all the shots and made the big money. That person was in the spotlight.

Encore WomanIf you become an Encore Woman, you walk away from being an employee and become the one who makes the decisions and the rules.

As an entrepreneur, you are the boss.

You decide to offer something really special! Your encore is the best part of your career! It will be applauded by the people who are looking for the solutions that you offer.

You have all your work experience to draw from, both good and bad.

When I started my first business, my flight school, I consciously made decisions to model the good features I had seen in my flight training at one school and in my experience working for another.

Just as important as the good examples were the bad ones. I definitely did not want to duplicate the practices of those two schools which I had found annoying or even dangerous.

For example, one of the owners of one of them was not very knowledgable about the inividual airplanes’ characteristics and yet he would give advice on whether to fly one that had a minor problem instead of consulting the maintenance department.

I always told my employees not to be afraid to tell a customer if they didn’t know the answer to a questions. I advised them to follow that by saying that they would find out. Then they could consult someone who was more equipped to give a good answer.

My comptwo women talkingany became known as the school which was approved by the FAA and people knew that we were experts and that they could count on getting the best training from us.

Word-of-mouth is, of course, the best advertising.

What makes for an appealing encore?

I’m a pianist and I would select a piece that demonstrates my expert status. It would be something that is beautiful and also shows off my skills, showing clearly that I have mastered it. One that makes people wish they could do it as well.

The same thing holds true for your encore business. You have put into it all your knowledge gained in your work experience plus your research and training. You chose to work with something that you feel passionate about, that you want to think about every day. Something that you love to help other people to understand and use.

Your job is to convey to your ideal clients that you offer what they are searching for. From you they can get the solutions to their problems.

If you would like to get the clarity and direction uniquely customized to you so that you can build a business that allows you to live the exact lifestyle you choose, learn how here.

Are you enjoying your own business, which allows you to work with your ideal clients?



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  1. I just LOVE the name of your business, Beth! To me it speaks to the stage of life where a woman launches into what she’s always wanted to do.
    This says it for me: “It would be something that is beautiful and also shows off my skills, showing clearly that I have mastered it. One that makes people wish they could do it as well. The same thing holds true for your encore business.”

    • Thank you, Susan Mary. I am glad you like the name. You are right about it being the time when a woman can have the business she wants. Yes, I used my musical encore example to explain how people can feel if they become entrepreneurs.

  2. I love the term “Encore Women”. It is direct and to the point. I enjoy working for myself. Yes, there are ups and downs, but it gives me the quality of life that I want and allows me to help others by giving them my full attention and also help myself by giving me the time to take care of myself. =)

  3. I think of Encore Women as positive. To me it says I am in the flow of my service and they want more. I like hearing stories of why we create our business and the name. I have a story too – maybe I should share it more. Cheers to you and all you stand for!!

    • Welcome, Teresa. I’m glad you’ve found my blog! You know, I bet you should share your story more. I think people do like to hear why we chose our businessess. Thank you for the compliment!

  4. The encore is the final result right? let’s do it again.. I can’t get enough…more please! I love it and think it is the perfect name for your business. Also it is actionable and leads to create leaders! And I love this “You have put into it all your knowledge gained in your work experience plus your research and training. You chose to work with something that you feel passionate about, that you want to think about every day. Something that you love to help other people to understand and use” because our business is our passion and should resonate within us so that it can resonate outwards to those who need us. Thanks for sharing beth.

    • Welcome to my blog, Karen. Love what you said, “I can’t get enough…more please!” I do love working with my encore women! Definitely our business should be our passion and that should be conveyed to our ideal clients.

  5. You know, that is funny… I never thought about asking the why on the name of your business… but the way you explained it… perfect sense! I was just thinking, when seeing the name.. that you were in the name of exceptional women… 🙂 And you are!

    • Ahh, Kristen. You’re so sweet! Hmm… I was hoping it was more obvious what it meant. At least if people go to my site, they see it on the homepage, an explanation and my pinned blog post tells too. I’d better think about that some more.

  6. You’re right, Beth! The encore is such an exciting part of a performance. And sends the message of, “Well if you think you liked what you just experienced, there is more where that came from!” Really good point about it being okay to say, “I don’t know the answer, but I’ll find it out.” Sage advice.

    • Hi Meghan, Yes, I was annoyed when the dean’s secretary in the Engineering department where I worked in college would answer questions wrong because she didn’t want to admit she didn’t know. When you have a flight school, it’s not just annoying, it’s very dangerous to give answers if you’re not sure.

  7. I never thought of asking how you came up with your name, Beth and yet now that you’ve explained it…I LOVE it! It is a perfect description for our “encores” in our own lives. I also was just talking with an associate today and saying how if we don’t know something, it is okay to say that. And that we will find out for the person and get back to them. Great wisdom you share from learned and earned experiences. Wonderful advice too!

    • Beverley, It seems so obvious to me what the name means. If people see my website and pinned blog post, they can see the explanation but lots of people just get to my site by a link to a specific page and don’t see it. I need to use it in my content more often, I can see. When I was running my flight school, it was critical that I made sure that nobody gave answers they weren’t sure about and so I feel very strongly about that. I’m glad that you agree; I would have guessed that you would.

  8. Beth – love the explanation of the name of your business. I never thought of it, before, even though I’ve been following your blog for some time. I think you’re right – those of us who have been employees for years DO have great business ideas. I once heard a saying that went something like, “Be the adult you wished was in your life when you were a child.” Well, I think for women starting an encore business, a similar saying might be, “Think of the business you’ve always wished was in existence, and then create it.”

    • I love the idea of , “Think of the business you’ve always wished was in existence, and then create it,” Joan. That’s a good incentive for starting a business. It’s hard to imagine that anybody who has worked for somebody else for a long time wouldn’t have ideas for a business of our own.

  9. Thank you for solving the mystery Beth. I think we all struggle in the beginning to name our businesses. And, it helps to have some background as to how it came about. For you, your business name is completely in alignment with what you offer. A great choice, because it makes sense.

    • Joyce, I didn’t intend for Encore Women to be a mystery and I can see that I need to explain it more often. I guess people can’t read my mind! I’m glad you feel that it makes sense!

  10. I so appreciate understanding more about what the name of your business means, why you chose it and the impact you hope it has on other women. We all do put a lot of thought into selecting our company name. WE had many we wanted and the domain was not available. It took months before we came up with one that reflected who we are together and individually as jewelry designers and to our dismay, a similar domain was taken. Many people ask us why we aren’t designs, plural & that is why. Great idea for you to blog about it.

    • Your story is interesting too, Roz. Now I’m wondering who is Earth and who is Moon. It is disappointing when the domain name you want is already taken. The singular Design works though.

  11. I love the story of your name Encore Women. I also like the idea of conveying what you offer as an appealing encore. A very positive way to promote. I know I will thinking about this and how it applies to me over the next few days.

    • I’m glad my post appealed to you and that you will be thinking about how to use it yourself, Donna. I will be interested to hear what you come up with.

  12. Encore – a repeated or additional performance is a good way of describing that you will help older women do what they are good at. Chapeau!

  13. Beth, I enjoyed your story and always appreciate hearing about your tremendous business values. Nowadays with the changes in the corporate world encouraging more people to become entrepreneurs than ever before, your story behind the name Encore Women will help them find and use the knowledge they already have. Great motivational post.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my story, Lenie. I do think, as you do, that more and more people will become entrepreneurs as an alternative to remaining in the corporate world. The internet makes it more affordable and gives the opportunity to spread the word. I appreciate your considering my article a good motivator.

  14. Naming your business is no easy feat. The name should reflect the products/services you are marketing whilst giving a professional feel. I have enough trouble creating titles for my blog!

    Your website has an appealing look which lures people to read more. First appearance truly counts!

    • Phoenicia, thank you for your comments. You’re right. It is hard to figure out the right name for your business. I have to laugh at your remark about creating titles for your blog posts. I’m glad you like my website.

  15. What a wonderful way to describe an encore! And thinking about the types of encores we usually see, especially musical performances, you are so right about them often being the highlight of the entire show. What an inspirational, uplifting way to start the week. 🙂

  16. I love how you explain an encore woman. As someone who grew up in the theater, the encore really is the best of the best. So I think that is a great analogy for those wanting to spend their lives working for themselves and making a difference in the lives of others.

    • Erica, I’m glad my words resonated with you. Since you grew up in the theater, you are of course very familiar with encores. I’m happy that you liked my analogy.

  17. Hi Beth, thanks for sharing your story on the naming of your business. I always liked that name, even more so now. It’s always nice to know the meaning behind something or the decision to chose it. Pretty cool!

  18. When I think of an encore, the image of taking a bow comes to mind. That final grand bow that is made to applause and a standing ovation for a job well done. Encore Women is a great business name. Mine was born out of not wanting to change my domain name 😉

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