5 More Tips for Writing Blog Posts

Here are some more ideas for interesting your readers. There’s no point in having a blog if you don’t entice them to read it! If you didn’t see the first three, you can see the article here. One: Make use of trendy topics. Since I am writing this on Halloween, it reminds me that holidays [ Read more ]

Customer Feedback is Priceless!

If you don’t know what your followers want, just ask them! If you don’t ask, you may miss out on opportunities to offer what they want. [ Read more ]

How to Get Your Content Read

I know, your content is so valuable and informative that the way it looks shouldn’t matter.
Wrong! People simply won’t read blog posts that are not visually appealing.
[ Read more ]

Taking Advantage of Mistakes

You never know how a day is going to turn out! That to-do list that you prepared may not work out as planned. I was writing my weekly email newsletter when I heard the dread chirp of one of our smoke alarms. I mentioned in my message that I hoped it wouldn’t decide to mess [ Read more ]

Evergreen What?

Why Would I Want My Creations to be Evergreen?   What is evergreen, anyway? Not a tree, I’m guessing! Evergreen content, posts and images are those that can be used over and over. They are not tied to a trendy subject, a specific season or a holiday. I’m not suggesting that you never create articles [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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