Women Entrepreneurs Quotes

Most quotes are by men. Yes, google a category of quotes such as inspiration quotes. The only ones with a majority of women creators are those that have “women” in the search words. Don’t women say things that are worthy of being quoted? I don’t think that’s true even though it appears that way. I [ Read more ]

Inside My New Telesummit

Next week my very first telesummit will launch! I’m right in the middle of putting everything together. Luckily I can do it from anywhere. (That’s probably the thing I like best about how my business is set up – that it’s portable.) Most if not all of the successful women entrepreneurs that are participating in [ Read more ]

Who Me? Grateful?

I don’t like compulsory gratitude! Do you hate it when you are having Thanksgiving dinner and someone suggests that everyone should tell what he or she is grateful for? I suppose it depends on the circumstances. If everyone is oozing about their friends and relatives and health, it gets a bit dull. Not that these [ Read more ]

Confidence and How to Get It

You can enhance your feeling of confidence. You can influence people’s perception of you by acting confident. I got a bunch of comments on my recent article, “How to Be STRONG,” about confidence. Although a number of people talked about the fact that they do feel confident, others wished they were. So I decided to [ Read more ]

Women Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

The Olympics tend to inspire national pride. Not just us in the USA but of course in the other countries competing in the Games too. Some of us are so fortunate to be in a country where we have freedom. I only wish everyone could enjoy the privileges of leading the life they choose. Do [ Read more ]

How to Solve Hollywood Sexism

I read this great article about Geena Davis. She has a plan that only takes two easy steps. I really liked the role that Geena Davis played when she was in the tv series “Commander In Chief.” She was the President of the United States. Yes, she was a tad too perfect, but she was [ Read more ]

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