Why New Entrepreneurs Struggle

It isn’t easy putting a business together on your own. If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to create a business? When I started my first business, I felt very lonely. Almost everyone I talked to on the airport warned me that I was making a big mistake in [ Read more ]

How to Get 501 LinkedIn Connections

501 LInkedIn connections? Your eventual goal is to have only high quality connections, but in the meantime there is a psychological reason to quickly acquire good ones.

[ Read more ]

How to Network in a Crowd

Do you attend business card exchanges and other networking focused events? Do you go to seminars and conferences? Maybe you like local MeetUps. All of these events provide great opportunities for networking but they can be daunting. Other folks seem to be very efficient in attracting the attention of the “stars.” How do they do [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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