It Was a Challenge!

Have you ever participated in an online challenge? They are a quick way to learn some new skills or strategies. When I say quick, I mean over a period of a few days to a month. They do require that you spend some time on each day. The reason I decided to create and run [ Read more ]

Why Your Business Isn’t Thriving and What to Do

Are you frustrated because your business isn’t growing? Is your business growing but not very fast? This is the first of several posts on the subject of what to do about your business if it isn’t thriving. Let’s face it: most new entrepreneurs are overwhelmed. The usual reasons for this are … They are still [ Read more ]

Intrigue Clients Without Talking About Your Business

You can interest your existing clients with this approach. You can attract new clients when you’re not promoting. You can intrigue them by telling something totally unrelated to your business. What do you do that people might be interested in? Talk about something that has nothing to do with the online world. Did you run [ Read more ]

5 Ways to Sell More

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts I’m sure that you realize that social media alone won’t sell many programs or products. People don’t often buy something that they happen to see on your Twitter post. Of course it does happen and yay for that! But usually it takes some [ Read more ]

Use Social Media to Boost Your Business

The yellow pages have been replaced by LinkedIn. That’s where people go now to check on the business or person that they are considering hiring. Personal recommendations spread like wildfire through other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We have come to take this for granted. Don’t just let it happen. Maximize the possibilities!

[ Read more ]

Why I Turn Down Connections on LinkedIn

Nothing personal. Actually, that’s the usual reason: there’s nothing personal about your invitation. I don’t know you! That’s not a deal breaker but I need a reason to think I’d want to know you. I love connecting with people I know or admire on LinkedIn. I also am pleased to get acquainted with people who [ Read more ]

How to Get 501 LinkedIn Connections

501 LInkedIn connections? Your eventual goal is to have only high quality connections, but in the meantime there is a psychological reason to quickly acquire good ones.

[ Read more ]

Can Facebook Really Boost My Business?

Facebook is a very powerful tool for boosting your business but it needs to be done right. Here’s a start to doing it without cost. [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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