Women Entrepreneurs and Pricing

Isn’t it time that we women start to value our work? Why do we assign low pricetags to our offerings? It seems to me that after all the conversations about how unfair it is that men make more money for the same jobs as do women, that women entrepreneurs would show that they feel they [ Read more ]

How to be Confident About the Services You Offer

Do you wonder if the services or products that you market are good enough? Are you unsure about your ability to help the people you want to serve? This uncertainty is very common among new business owners. Especially women. It is sad that we women are still influenced by old feelings that we are not [ Read more ]

Do You Hate Marketing?

Do you think of marketing as being salesy and sleezy? Do you have a mental picture of yourself as a slimy used car salescreep? Newsflash: Your attitude about marketing may be the reason your business isn’t flourishing! I know. You are a coach or a designer. You help people. You don’t sell. Wrong! You can’t [ Read more ]

Customer Feedback is Priceless!

If you don’t know what your followers want, just ask them! If you don’t ask, you may miss out on opportunities to offer what they want. [ Read more ]

Don’t Pitch in a Networking Group!

What makes people decide whether to join a networking group? A huge turnoff is a group where it is all about sales. Like most people, I click onto another page (or walk out the door). Networking can be defined as interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts. Everyone knows that each person [ Read more ]

5 Ways to Sell More

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts I’m sure that you realize that social media alone won’t sell many programs or products. People don’t often buy something that they happen to see on your Twitter post. Of course it does happen and yay for that! But usually it takes some [ Read more ]

Your Ideal Client May Be You!

I hear from so many folks that they struggle to figure out their ideal client or customer. I have a simple solution that may work for you. Maybe it’s you. Too good to be true? Maybe not. Hopefully you are building your business around something that you feel passionate about. If you aren’t, you likely [ Read more ]

Don’t Underestimate Comments!

What’s the big deal about readers commenting on your blog posts? Why should you reply to their opinions? It is all about engaging with people. You have successfully attracted people to your post. That’s great but if you don’t get them to respond, you have lost an opportunity to grow your community. Encourage them to [ Read more ]

When to Say No to a New Client

New business owners struggle to attract more clients or customers. If you accept every single one, this can be a bad mistake. When we are trying to build our businesses, we just want to add all the clients we can. What’s wrong with this idea? People looking to hire someone are looking for an expert, [ Read more ]

17 Ways to Promote Your Product

So you have a brand new product that nobody knows about. You know that people will want to buy it, but how do you let them learn that it exists? Some of these methods are obvious but I think you will find some ideas you hadn’t considered too. 1. To get people talking about it, [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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