The Shiny Object Trap

Just because something is an opportunity doesn’t mean you have to grab it. Do you suffer from the Shiny Object Syndrome? Yes, it actually has a name and you can even call it Objectivius Shinium Syndromus. It means a common malady shared by people who are attracted to all the new online business opportunities and [ Read more ]

3 Tips for Writing Inviting Blog Posts

If you are new to blogging, you may be wondering how to engage your followers. Here are three tips to make your blog posts speak to them. One: Have a very clear topic for each article. The reader should know immediately what it is about because that will determine whether to stay or click away [ Read more ]

Blog Post Ideas

It can be hard to think of what to write for your blog. If you are new, it’s a tough decision. Even if you aren’t sometimes you run out of ideas. Here’s one solution. [ Read more ]

5 Ways to Sell More

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts I’m sure that you realize that social media alone won’t sell many programs or products. People don’t often buy something that they happen to see on your Twitter post. Of course it does happen and yay for that! But usually it takes some [ Read more ]

Inside My New Telesummit

Next week my very first telesummit will launch! I’m right in the middle of putting everything together. Luckily I can do it from anywhere. (That’s probably the thing I like best about how my business is set up – that it’s portable.) Most if not all of the successful women entrepreneurs that are participating in [ Read more ]

Getting Unstuck in Setting Goals

It can be daunting to figure out what to accomplish in six months, three months or even one month. Most likely, if you don’t have goals set for a month or a quarter or six months, you won’t accomplish as much as if you did. [ Read more ]

Kicking the Multitasking Habit

You Can Do It! You Can Kick the Multitasking Habit! This post is in response to questions about my last article, How to Escape the Multitasking Trap. I was surprised that nobody defended multitasking. And pleased. Here are some reasons why we need to kick the multitasking habit: It is not efficient because we need [ Read more ]

To Market or Not?

This little piggy goes to market This little piggy stays home The first little piggy has roast beef. Why is that? Because she marketed. The next little piggy had none. Why is that? Because she didn’t market. So many people, and especially women, think of marketing as a bad word. They don’t want to be [ Read more ]

What’s the Problem?

You’re a brand new business owner? What do  you do to attract clients or customers? Find a solution! If you want your business to soar, you need to solve people’s problems. That’s how you attract customers and clients. How do you know what their problems are? You ask them. For existing customers or clients, you [ Read more ]

Will They Trust You?

How do you get people to trust you? Especially when you are on their little screen and they are comfy at home. You know that people buy from those that they know, like and trust. How on earth can you get them to trust you when you have no experiences with them? You begin by [ Read more ]

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