Make It a Priority to Prioritize!

Do You Struggle With Your To-do List? It’s time to tame that beast! Each day should have its own To-Do list. I recommend making it the day before so you can jump right when you begin working the next day. If that doesn’t suit you, do it the very first minutes of your morning. Tip: [ Read more ]

Kicking the Multitasking Habit

You Can Do It! You Can Kick the Multitasking Habit! This post is in response to questions about my last article, How to Escape the Multitasking Trap. I was surprised that nobody defended multitasking. And pleased. Here are some reasons why we need to kick the multitasking habit: It is not efficient because we need [ Read more ]

To Market or Not?

This little piggy goes to market This little piggy stays home The first little piggy has roast beef. Why is that? Because she marketed. The next little piggy had none. Why is that? Because she didn’t market. So many people, and especially women, think of marketing as a bad word. They don’t want to be [ Read more ]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Productivity

What Annoys You? What if you could eliminate some of those things? Sometimes you can. If you can get rid of just one recurring annoyance, it just might make your day a little smoother. Feeling annoyed doesn’t help productivity, I don’t think. Do you think that banishing one irritation would make you feel better and [ Read more ]

Just Say No or…

Don’t Waste Your Time! “No!” really is a Complete Sentence. Too much multi-tasking isn’t the only way to decrease your productivity. That one is your own fault. Another one can be blamed on people who try to steal your knowledge. But here again, it is really your own fault if you let them. It all [ Read more ]

How to Attract More People to Your Blog

  Do you have a lonely blog? No followers of your posts? What to do about this? Here are some suggestions that will attract your ideal client or customer and encourage them to come back over and over: The very most important thing to do is to have rich content. You need to make your [ Read more ]

I’m Tech Challenged and Want an Online Business

You can be an online entrepreneur anyway.   You only need to know enough to tell what you want. Your online business will be built around your website. The very first thing to do is to get a good domain name. You can have someone else research this for you but you need to know [ Read more ]

A Clean Desk is a Sign of a Sick Mind

I knew a woman who had the sign, “A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind!” on the wall beside her desk. I like that and I have more good news! [ Read more ]

Home Based Business – Good Idea?

You may love working at home. It’s comfy and quiet. You can set your own hours. You don’t waste time visiting with colleagues. You will likely get more accomplished. There are tons of advantages to working in your home: Convenience – What could be more handy than getting up in the morning, and either getting [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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