How to Have a Great Lifestyle and a Thriving Business

Being an online business owner can be very lonely. It doesn’t have to be though. Usually entrepreneurs have to learn by trial and error, but there is a better way! Investing in a group program that is exactly right for you and your business will be well worth the cost. It’s a great time saver! [ Read more ]

It Was a Challenge!

Have you ever participated in an online challenge? They are a quick way to learn some new skills or strategies. When I say quick, I mean over a period of a few days to a month. They do require that you spend some time on each day. The reason I decided to create and run [ Read more ]

Don’t Pitch in a Networking Group!

What makes people decide whether to join a networking group? A huge turnoff is a group where it is all about sales. Like most people, I click onto another page (or walk out the door). Networking can be defined as interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts. Everyone knows that each person [ Read more ]

Facebook Groups – Where Women Love to Network

Women prefer to engage with other women in non-traditional networking settings. Not golf courses, not organized events or business lunches. Now there is a new place to meet and connect. My new favorite is Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups provide a really safe place to share ideas, questions and opinions. Closed groups can require approval of [ Read more ]

Women Entrepreneurs Need Female Networking

Businessmen and businesswomen are different. From each other. I mentioned in a recent post, that in bygone days people made and enhanced connections on golf courses. Playing golf was pretty much a prerequisite for a buiness person. Usually meaning, businessman. Yes, there are women who play golf but not nearly as many. Women became gradually [ Read more ]

Take The Stress Out of Your Telesummit

Hosting a virtual event is a lot of work.
It also can bring excellent rewards.
Don’t let the planning and execution drive you crazy! [ Read more ]

Mastermind, Anyone?

Surround Yourself With 5 Remarkable People! “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” That sentence is often quoted and seldom attributed to Jim Rohn who originally said it.   It is brilliant and is the gist of this article. If you are like me, when you heard this [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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