Getting Unstuck in Setting Goals

It can be daunting to figure out what to accomplish in six months, three months or even one month. Most likely, if you don’t have goals set for a month or a quarter or six months, you won’t accomplish as much as if you did. [ Read more ]


How to Get Rid of Self-sabotaging Thoughts. Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy! If you aren’t making the kind of progress you anticipated in reaching your goals, it may be time to look inside your own brain. Are you flexible or rigid in your reaction to change? Blame your mindset. A mindset is a fixed [ Read more ]

When to Say No to a New Client

New business owners struggle to attract more clients or customers. If you accept every single one, this can be a bad mistake. When we are trying to build our businesses, we just want to add all the clients we can. What’s wrong with this idea? People looking to hire someone are looking for an expert, [ Read more ]

How to Avoid Disappointment

This is it! The way to avoid being disappointed! Like it? I hope not. Kind of amusing, I think. Such a colorful graphic for an intensely bleak future. Because it simply isn’t possible to make any real progress without having hope. At least that’s my opinion. Not everybody agrees with me. Hard to believe, I [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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