Why Your Business Isn’t Thriving and What to Do

Are you frustrated because your business isn’t growing? Is your business growing but not very fast? This is the first of several posts on the subject of what to do about your business if it isn’t thriving. Let’s face it: most new entrepreneurs are overwhelmed. The usual reasons for this are … They are still [ Read more ]

Women Entrepreneurs Quotes

Most quotes are by men. Yes, google a category of quotes such as inspiration quotes. The only ones with a majority of women creators are those that have “women” in the search words. Don’t women say things that are worthy of being quoted? I don’t think that’s true even though it appears that way. I [ Read more ]

My telesummit is live tomorrow!

It has been a lot of work but it was worth it. You can enjoy some really great strategies from the 16 successful women entrepreneurs who will be sharing their best strategies to attracting their ideal clients. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do it now by clicking here. It is free. I thought [ Read more ]

Inside My New Telesummit

Next week my very first telesummit will launch! I’m right in the middle of putting everything together. Luckily I can do it from anywhere. (That’s probably the thing I like best about how my business is set up – that it’s portable.) Most if not all of the successful women entrepreneurs that are participating in [ Read more ]

Tada! My Telesummit

A telesummit is an online multi-speaker event that assembles a series of experts to talk about a specific topic. [ Read more ]

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

What traits do successful entrepreneurs have? Is it primarily the wish to become wealthy? No! The best entrepreneurs are passionate people who are excited about their businesses. They want to share an idea, process, product or service to people. They are motivated by their enthusiasm for the worth of what they have to offer. They [ Read more ]

Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First

And Then Assist Others. If you have a service based business, you need to remember that advice. Even though it is usually given by a flight attendant. You can’t be an effective leader unless you are confident, engaging and positive. I think people understand the airline advice. You want to help your children first but [ Read more ]

Encore Women Stories

It is great to know that we are not the first. We hear a lot about female entrepreneurs who accomplish a lot while in their twenties – and yay for them! But I love to read about the gals who made a splash later in life, years ago, as Encore Women. Here are a few [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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