Intrigue Clients Without Talking About Your Business

You can interest your existing clients with this approach. You can attract new clients when you’re not promoting. You can intrigue them by telling something totally unrelated to your business. What do you do that people might be interested in? Talk about something that has nothing to do with the online world. Did you run [ Read more ]

5 More Tips for Writing Blog Posts

Here are some more ideas for interesting your readers. There’s no point in having a blog if you don’t entice them to read it! If you didn’t see the first three, you can see the article here. One: Make use of trendy topics. Since I am writing this on Halloween, it reminds me that holidays [ Read more ]

3 Tips for Writing Inviting Blog Posts

If you are new to blogging, you may be wondering how to engage your followers. Here are three tips to make your blog posts speak to them. One: Have a very clear topic for each article. The reader should know immediately what it is about because that will determine whether to stay or click away [ Read more ]

Blog Post Ideas

It can be hard to think of what to write for your blog. If you are new, it’s a tough decision. Even if you aren’t sometimes you run out of ideas. Here’s one solution. [ Read more ]

Customer Feedback is Priceless!

If you don’t know what your followers want, just ask them! If you don’t ask, you may miss out on opportunities to offer what they want. [ Read more ]

5 Ways to Sell More

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts I’m sure that you realize that social media alone won’t sell many programs or products. People don’t often buy something that they happen to see on your Twitter post. Of course it does happen and yay for that! But usually it takes some [ Read more ]

How to Get Started When You’re Stuck

Do you ever get stuck? Do you sometimes do nothing because you don’t know where to begin? The best way to get something done is simply to get started. Lots of people feel that they need to have a complete plan before embarking on a project. Sometimes that works and other times it doesn’t. There [ Read more ]

How to Get Your Content Read

I know, your content is so valuable and informative that the way it looks shouldn’t matter.
Wrong! People simply won’t read blog posts that are not visually appealing.
[ Read more ]

Evergreen What?

Why Would I Want My Creations to be Evergreen?   What is evergreen, anyway? Not a tree, I’m guessing! Evergreen content, posts and images are those that can be used over and over. They are not tied to a trendy subject, a specific season or a holiday. I’m not suggesting that you never create articles [ Read more ]

Don’t Underestimate Comments!

What’s the big deal about readers commenting on your blog posts? Why should you reply to their opinions? It is all about engaging with people. You have successfully attracted people to your post. That’s great but if you don’t get them to respond, you have lost an opportunity to grow your community. Encourage them to [ Read more ]

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