Create an Online Business!

Consider starting an online business. They offer the most flexibility. You can operate yours from anywhere in the world! Do you want to leave the stress of the corporate world? Is it your time to stretch your wings and live the life of your dreams? Starting an online business can allow you to live anywhere [ Read more ]

How About Brick and Mortar?

What if you want to have a storefront business? Do you prefer marketing to local folks? Is this even feasible these days? It is definitely more expensive and riskier to open a small shop in your hometown than to start a home-based business. Part of it is the economy, which although it is improving, isn’t [ Read more ]

Ideas for Encore Women Businesses

Want to be an Encore Woman Entrepreneur? Don’t know what business to start? You can either begin by figuring out your niche or by choosing a type of business. Let’s look at possible business categories first. The major kinds of business: Brick and Mortar – a business with a storefront. Home-based – one that is [ Read more ]

Home Based Business – Good Idea?

You may love working at home. It’s comfy and quiet. You can set your own hours. You don’t waste time visiting with colleagues. You will likely get more accomplished. There are tons of advantages to working in your home: Convenience – What could be more handy than getting up in the morning, and either getting [ Read more ]

How about us boomers?

“I’m a boomer.” “Is it too late for me to become an entrepreneur?” Absolutely not! Ask the boomers.  The old concept of retirement just doesn’t register. Experts tell us that most boomers either plan to continue in their current job or envision a new career. People are not thinking that they want to retire as [ Read more ]

Encore! Encore!

I thought I had invented the term Encore Woman. I was wrong because I found this in the May 28, 2013 issue of USA Today: “The latest buzzwords … are “reinvent,” “reimagine,” “encore” – anything that suggests a second chance or a new chapter.” At first I thought I’d abandon the phrase but then realized [ Read more ]

How to become an Encore Woman

In order to become an Encore Woman, you need to do some planning. If you are presently unemployed and living comfortably, dive right in. If you are intending to retire soon and have sufficient funds to support yourself for several months, you too can proceed. If you are thinking of quitting your job and jumping [ Read more ]

Encore Women Stories

It is great to know that we are not the first. We hear a lot about female entrepreneurs who accomplish a lot while in their twenties – and yay for them! But I love to read about the gals who made a splash later in life, years ago, as Encore Women. Here are a few [ Read more ]

Are there any other warnings for Finasteride?

Medicines can do a lot of good things to us. Here are a few address to treat sicknesses and still be able to live your life. There are divers problems when people decide to order drugs from online drugstore. What medicines do people purchase on the Internet? This article tell more about the evaluation of [ Read more ]

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