Women Entrepreneurs and Pricing

Isn’t it time that we women start to value our work? Why do we assign low pricetags to our offerings? It seems to me that after all the conversations about how unfair it is that men make more money for the same jobs as do women, that women entrepreneurs would show that they feel they [ Read more ]

Charge What You’re Worth!

I’ve made up my mind! I’m just not going to sell my programs for peanuts ever again. This isn’t about little eBooks that solve small problems. It isn’t about freebies that help to build your email list. What I’m talking about here is selling your best stuff, knowledge that you have acquired over the years [ Read more ]

How to Create Rapport

In order to attract clients, you need to create rapport. People want to work with someone they like. It’s a skill that you need to develop and exercise. You can practice it in your personal life. You will gain valuable experience and you will also make a lot of people feel happier. It’s simple. You [ Read more ]

The Shiny Object Trap

Just because something is an opportunity doesn’t mean you have to grab it. Do you suffer from the Shiny Object Syndrome? Yes, it actually has a name and you can even call it Objectivius Shinium Syndromus. It means a common malady shared by people who are attracted to all the new online business opportunities and [ Read more ]

When You Really Need to Get a Lot Done Fast

Do you ever come up on a deadline and panic that you won’t make it? If you’re a procrastinator, I bet you do. I hesitate to say this because if I do, chances are I’ll have to eat my words soon. Oh well, here goes anyway. I have to admit that I often do things [ Read more ]

Encore Women? Who Are They?

People ask me why I chose Encore Women for the name of my business. Isn’t an encore an afterthought? No! As a musician I know that the encore tends to be the prettiest piece of music. The flashiest too. People tend to love encores and applaud enthusiastically. When you create your encore business, you want [ Read more ]

How to Have a Great Lifestyle and a Thriving Business

Being an online business owner can be very lonely. It doesn’t have to be though. Usually entrepreneurs have to learn by trial and error, but there is a better way! Investing in a group program that is exactly right for you and your business will be well worth the cost. It’s a great time saver! [ Read more ]

Do You Work On or In Your Business?

If you work IN your business too much, the business will suffer. You’re the boss and you need to make choices. When I started my first business, my flight school, I did everything. I answered the phone, gave the flight instruction, scheduled maintenance and whatever else needed to be done. Of course I couldn’t expect [ Read more ]

It Was a Challenge!

Have you ever participated in an online challenge? They are a quick way to learn some new skills or strategies. When I say quick, I mean over a period of a few days to a month. They do require that you spend some time on each day. The reason I decided to create and run [ Read more ]

How to be Confident About the Services You Offer

Do you wonder if the services or products that you market are good enough? Are you unsure about your ability to help the people you want to serve? This uncertainty is very common among new business owners. Especially women. It is sad that we women are still influenced by old feelings that we are not [ Read more ]

6 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Client

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