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Hi, I’m Beth Niebuhr and I want to tell you a little about my experience as an entrepreneur. Not to blow my own horn, but to give you confidence that you will be working with someone who has a great deal of experience as a business owner.

My first business was selling Christmas cards when I was a little girl.


I saw an ad that suggested that I could make quite a lot of money by doing this. So I sent away for the samples and the spiel. I went door to door with very limited success. So then I decided to only give my pitch to people I knew. That was much more effective. I didn’t make a lot of money but I did make some and I did it several years for a few months in the fall, selling to my faithful customers mostly.

When I was in college, as a music major, I gave piano lessons. I really didn’t enjoy teaching kids who were not very interested how to do something I loved but again it earned me money which was critical since I was working my way through school as a secretary and it increased my earnings. Also, I was again my own boss. There was a big gap in my entrepreneurial endeavors while I taught school, raised my children, learned to fly, earned advanced ratings, became a flight instructor and eventually became the chief flight instructor for an aviation company.


And then I started my own business. This time it was more ambitious: a brick and mortar Flight School.

At first I was the only instructor and there was just one airplane in my flight school. Gradually I attracted a lot of students, hired several instructors and had as many as 13 planes at a time available for lessons and rentals. Most of our students were attracted by word-of-mouth recommendations and my reputation.

My company was in business in Santa Barbara, CA, for just under 20 years. We were known for excellent instruction and high standards. I have written a book about my flying experiences – learning to fly, being a flight instructor and starting and running my flight school. You can download excerpts from this soon to be published book here.


If you would be interested in my book, A Woman’s Place is in the Cockpit, which tells about my life in the sky, including starting and running my flight school for 20 years, you can see it here. (If you buy the book, I will receive a royalty payment.)

In 2001 I married my high school sweetheart and in 2003 I shut down my flight school, sold the assets, gave a house cooling party and we moved to Arizona. I thought I was retired but then I got tired of being retired.

I began a home-based website design business in 2007 and it was surprisingly successful.

Again, I attracted new business by reputation and the referrals of my clients. I broadened my services by offering SEO, search engine optimization and was able to markedly increase people’s sales.

Next I decided to operate beyond the local area and get actively involved with marketing and providing a service which would benefit entrepreneurs. I started my online business which offers people the opportunity to become Encore Women.

Encore women are people who are tired of working for somebody else and want to become entrepreneurs so that they can work with their passion, build a successful business and live the lifestyle of their dreams. I share my knowledge which I acquired over my years of being a female entrepreneur. I love to help women develop unique plans to grow their specific businesses. I will help you learn strategies for attracting your ideal clients and steps to build a thriving company, making choices that appeal to you and will allow you to enjoy the freedom that a business created to your specifications can bring. I hope that hearing about my experience has given you confidence that my coaching services have a good basis in business success.


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